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Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is now doubtful for Indianapolis’ opening game against the Texans. Knowledgeable people – like former Indianapolis head coach Tony Dungy – are now doubting the Colts chances to make the playoffs if Manning’s recovery stretches beyond week one.

And, in case you didn’t notice, the above clip is not taken from a sports media outlet. It’s from the Early Show, on CBS. That’s not a sports show at all. So know this, above all else: Peyton Manning’s neck is now newsworthy in the same space as you’d see a fabric-by-fabric breakdown of the royal wedding wardrobes.


Should the NFL Lockout end before the end of the week, Peyton Manning won’t be ready to go. His neck is still not healthy.

Manning has had two neck surgeries in the past two seasons, including disc surgery this May. The 35-year-old played with significant pain during the 2010 season.


Here’s another totally good reason to actually have a pro football season this fall: The Manning Brothers and their larger media presence. How pitch-perfect are their self deprecating commercials? No one since Nordberg has done it so well.

Click here to watch the Football Cops video staring Peyton and Eli. You’re welcome.


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