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The NFL has approved rule amendments designed to improve player safety. Owners unanimously voted to adopt rules to protect players from specifically violent tackles from player who leave their feet to hit a defenseless opponent, and tacklers who lead with their helmets.

These are very good steps to take for the NFL, which has been slow to move in the past in the face of growing concerns about the health of current and former players.

They still need to resolve the small issue of the 2011 season – you may have heard – still in major jeopardy due to the owners lockout.


Ray Lewis, the most feared linebacker of his generation, says that crime will increase if the NFL season is delayed or canceled due to the ongoing lockout. That’s one theory, Ray!


Mike Florio writes for profootballtalk.com, your best online source for football news except for robertwuhlshow.com. Mike joined Robert in Hour 1 to talk about another negotiation fail between the NFL owners and players. Podcast after the jump. 


Another round of talks has come and gone. There is no deal. There is – as of now – no 2011 NFL season.

Both sides say they’ll return to the bargaining table on June 7, after a scheduled legal appeal that could make or break the lockout. 


Ty Murray is a legendary bull rider, and one of the founders of the PBR. Ty joined Robert today during Hour 1 to talk about NFL receiver Chad Ochocinco’s 1.5 seconds as a bull rider. Podcast after the jump. 



Reggie Bush is by all accounts one of the greatest professional players in the history of college football. As a tweeter, however, the Saints running back needs some work.

Mr. 25 tweeted to his almost 1.7 million followers how much he was enjoying the time off afforded him due to the NFL lockout. Us working stiffs – who enjoy professional football as a leisure pursuit and necessary distraction from our 60-hour work weeks, nagging spouses, whining children, incompetent bosses, and disinterested customer service representatives – didn’t appreciate Reggie’s take.


Players can workout. Players can get their playbooks from coaches. And maybe veteran free agency activity next week. Holy smokes! Football may happen, after all.


Randy Cross is a 3-time Super Bowl Champion. He’s also going to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in July. Randy joined Robert in Hour 2 to talk about the latest developments in the NFL Labor soap opera. Podcast after the jump.


A judge’s decision has ended the NFL owners lockout of the players. Players are going to be allowed to show up to work today.
What a long, strange trip it’s been. And it may not be over.