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Kobe Bean Bryant stands accused of injuring a man’s wrist in a San Diego church. Kobe allegedly snatched a cellphone away from a man who Kobe thought was taking photographs of Kobe and his family while in church. Kobe returned the phone after discovering there were no photos of Kobe nor his family on the phone.

The man whose phone was snatched says Kobe injured his wrist, and had to go to the hospital to receive treatment.


Bulls big man Joakhm Noah reminds us how far we’ve come as a society during last night’s Eastern Conference Final Game 3.


Robert has a useful saying about postseason basketball: The last shot needs to go in. Last night’s game one between the Mavericks and the Lakers was a great example of this. Kobe missed at the end. Thus, Game One to Dallas, 96-94.


Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. Your move, New Orleans. Lakers lead the series 3-2.


Kevin Harlan is one of the best play-by-play men in the business. In addition to his work for Westwood One, Kevin is currently calling the NBA Playoffs on TNT. He joined Robert in Hour 2 to talk about the Lakers New Orleans series. Podcast of the conversation after the jump.



That New Orleans win at Los Angeles yesterday was not an upset. Please stop calling it that. A forfeit is not an upset. The Lakers effectively forfeited that game. They failed to participate.


The varsity Los Angeles NBA franchise was virtually unbeatable after the All-Star Game. They won 16 of 17.

Now they’ve lost two in a row, both at home. The latest disastre came last night against Utah. 86-85 the final score.


It wasn’t long ago. We all were curious if the defending champs were simply too soft, too disinterested, too complacent to be seriously considered as a title contender.

Everyone was wrong.

LA opened a can on Dallas last night at Staples, 110-82. Four players were ejected as tempers ran high, and Los Angeles continues to let the rest of the league know who their daddy is.