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Here on the Robert Wuhl Show, we’re on the side of The Working Man. The Working Man Works for a living. Hard Work is Hard. When Hard Work is completed, sometimes it’s nice to reward oneself for the Hard Work by treating oneself – and perhaps some mates – to an NHL game.

The Working Man, because he Works – unlike bankers, sportswriters, and media consultants – has a thirst that must be quenched. Beer is a fine choice, especially when attending a hockey game.

Thus, Working Men, here are the arena beer prices for the 30 NHL teams this season. May this knowledge serve you and your thirst well. Special kudos to the Buffalo Sabres, where you can get a pint of beer (16 ounces) for $5.00. For a live sporting event, that’s an outstanding price. Cheers!


Happy Thanksgiving, Wuhl Nation. Hope you are enjoying this week with loved ones in good spirits, with good cheer and food. We’ll be checking in here and there, and of course on twitter.

Now, this is good clean fun from North of the border. That one dude really gets his stomps in, Hells Angels style:


Tim Thomas did not allow a goal, and Boston won Game 7 on the road in Vancouver to capture the Stanley Cup. Boston once again is home to a championship team, where all four of the major sport franchises have captured world championships in the past decade.

Then there was the now-traditional running amok of the masses. 100 people arrested. Cars burned, store windows smashed and stores looted. Civic pride is bruised.

This is what a riot looks like from the inside.


Vancouver exploded into violent anarchy after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. More on that in a minute. Dig this crazy couple in the madness!


Robert’s coinflip prediction of a Boston Bruins victory may be in jeopardy. Vancouver’s Raffi Torres scored on a Jannik Hansen assist to score Game One’s only goal with 18.5 seconds remaining. 1-0 the final score with Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo snaring 36 saves en route to the shutout win. 


Jeremy Roenick scored 513 goals in 18 seasons as an NHL player. He’s now a hockey analyst for NBC Sports and Versus. Jeremy joined Robert in Hour 1 to talk about this year’s ongoing Stanley Cup Playoffs. Click through for a podcast.


The NHL is not as popular as the NFL. Nowhere close. However, the NHL is extremely good sports television during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Even the casual fan can appreciate the precise and explosive brutality employed in the video above.

The Canucks beat the Blackhawks 3-2, and now lead that series 3-0.