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One of the most under-reported truths behind the popularity of professional football is the gambling. People love to wager on the NFL. And nothing generates as much action in the sporting universe as the Super Bowl. Robert breaks down the gambling aspects of Super Bowl XLV with two off-shore bookmakers. Podcast of the education after the jump.


Steve Gorman is that rarest combination of sports podcaster and rock star. Podcast of his enlightening interview with Robert after the jump.


Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has announced he will step down at the end of his term, ending a decades-long reign. The announcement comes after a week of anti-government protests in the streets of Cairo.

Prior to the announcement, President Mubarak was able to place a phone call to the show and talk to Robert. Podcast of the “interview” after the jump.


Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio joined the conversation with Robert today. Del Rio weighed in on the NFL’s return to Los Angeles. Podcast after the jump.


Many of our sports heroes are not, to paraphrase Denny Green, who we think they are. This is not always their fault. In the interest of crafting a more easily consumed narrative, those of us in the sporting press are often guilty of cultivating images of sports heroes that are sometimes real, sometimes embellished, or even wholly synthesized.

Yet some of the towering figures in sports are truly magnificent, independent of the media’s tendency to canonize everyone and everything it covers.  John Wooden is one such figure. Orlando Magic Vice President Pat Williams joined the conversation today to talk about the book he has written about this very exceptional man, and to share many other stories and insights Williams has gained through his remarkable life. Podcast of the interview after the jump.


Dallas is frozen. Flights are canceled. Fat cats everywhere are having their Super Bowl plans dashed. These are the facts.

In such trying times, the rest of us, the football enthusiasts, must ponder larger questions: Why does God hate football? Where is the compassion in the universe for our lowly but noble effort to lay down our arms and play games instead? Is Mother Nature a Jets fan, and this her wrath?

I encourage us all to take a further step back, and thank our lucky stars the Super Bowl is not in Kyushu, Japan. There (like, right now), they have the small issue of a volcano erupting.


Jack Del Rio is in his 25th season in pro football. He’s the current head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He played linebacker for 11 seasons, and is in his 14th as a coach.

Did you know Jack also played a little hard ball?

While at USC, Del Rio was baseball teammates with some pretty promising Trojans named Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire. Del Rio hit a cool .340 for his career at ‘SC, and played catcher. He was eventually drafted by the Blue Jays before turning to pro football.

For those of you not hip to college baseball, playing baseball at USC is like playing football at Notre Dame; the Trojans have 12 national titles.

Coach Del Rio joins the conversation later today.


We mentioned it before, and we’ll say it again: Steve Gorman is cool. Here’s an interview with him talking about the craft of rock and roll drumming.

Steve has an excellent sports podcast…be sure to check out


All roads lead to Dallas this week, with Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

The weather is not cooperating.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News talks to Robert today about how the conditions are effecting the run-up to the big game. Podcast after the jump.


Steve Gorman is a rock star. He plays drums in the Black Crowes. He’s played with some heavy dudes like Bob Dylan.

Steve is also a big time sports guy. He’s got his own blog and sports podcast, The guy knows his stuff.

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