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Here is a link to the grand jury report in the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

WARNING: The report describes graphic and disturbing instances of sexual abuse of young boys.




- Head football coach Joe Paterno’s weekly news conference has been abruptly canceled.

- Reports are surfacing that Paterno’s time as football coach could be close to ending. The New York Times is reporting Paterno could be gone within days or weeks.

- A possible 9th sex abuse victim has gone public.

- Accused sex offender former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky reportedly had access to team facilities, including the weight room, as recently as last week.

- Powerful voices in Pennsylvania media are calling for the resignation of Paterno and Penn State University president Graham Spanier.

- Potential candidates to replace Paterno as head football coach are being identified.

- Some are saying whoever follows Paterno will have an impossible job.




Hour 3 guests:

- Comedian Jim Edwards live in studio

- Cincinnati Bengals color analyst Dave Lapham

- New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro

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Hour 2 podcast:

- Bill Caplan, hall of fame boxing publicist

- Kevin Fishbain of Pro Football Weekly

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- Brett McMurphy, college football columnist for

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Two recently-resigned, high-ranking Penn State administrators have surrendered to authorities on charges they failed to report suspected sexual abuse by a former football assistant coach.

- The Latest

- The Crimes

- The Joe Paterno angle


Hey! It’s Kirk Herbstreit in an earthquake. Far out.


If Tim Tebow is smart, he’ll do his best to become a lefthanded, junior varsity Ben Roethlisberger.

- SUGGESTION: Those of you who watched St. Louis vs Arizona…try the MLS playoffs. It’s a better use of your time.

- I was raised a San Francisco 49er fan, concurrent with their Bill Walsh/Joe Montana/Jerry Rice/Ronnie Lott apex. As such, I am a skeptic. 7-1 is 7-1, but never forget that Alex Smith is their quarterback. Epic Disaster Fail is just a snap away.

- I still don’t trust Joe Flacco in a big spot in the postseason. Until I do.

- Dallasis an enigmatic as their quarterback. They’re a crappier version of San Francisco. What the hell is a Sea Hawk, anyway?

- Be honest. Did you think Miami would score 31 points over the rest of the season? Kansas City should rehire Dick Vermeil just so he can cry over that effort.

- Someone should tell Carson Palmer that Al Davis died this year. He ain’t gonna die twice, bro. This is a one-time shot of Football Karma for Oakland. They ought not blow it. No matter how mystically motivated the Football Gods may be in helping Los Raiders upon the passing of His Davisness, they are not going to reward 3-interception performances.

- Perhaps Eli Manning wasn’t as full of spit as we thought. Elite quarterbacks beat elite opponents. ALSO: New England’s defense isn’t suspect because it allowed a reasonable 24 points. It’s suspect because they allowed their team to fall behind 10-0, which messes with The Game Plan.

- The Jets manhandled the Bills. The Jets hit the Bills harder, more often. The Bills Failed the Ear Drum Test. Sound upon Physical Impact for the majority of the game’s collisions favoredNew York. Never forget that Football – above all else – is a Linear Exhibition of Violence by Manic Beast Men upon other Beast Men. The Most Violent have The Advantage.


Hour 2 guests:

- Glenn Guilbeau, LSU beat writer for Gannett News Service

- Marathoner Dean Karnazes

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