Pac-12 May Play on Sundays If NFL Lockout Carries Into Fall


The Pac-12 is considering moving some football games to Sundays if there are no NFL games on Sundays this fall.

No one should be kicked while down. No matter how unlikable. It’s a bad look for whomever is doing the kicking. And, it’s unethical. And right now, the NFL is down. Although they put themselves there, the NFL is down, and so we won’t kick them. Sigh.

Thus, we will refrain from gleefully imagining a scenario in which the autumn of 2011 marks the official reclaimation of the entire football weekend by college football. But can you imagine? USC at Oregon on a Sunday? That’s exponentionally more appealing than some listliss Jaguars Broncos game.


  1. OS_Beaver

    LOVE IT!!! Go PAC-12!! Larry Scott wants the PAC-12 to take over the #1 spot as the nations perceived top conference and also start winning the most national titles in football as well. The Ducks will probably win atleast a couple in the next decade and as their main rival the Beavs should rise to make a BCS bowl or two. Exciting future for the Conference of Champions!

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