Everyone’s A Critic: Defending the National Championship Game


UConn beat Butler 53-41 to win the national championship.  Congratulations to UConn.

Because we live in a media-choked society, however, the first draft of history being written about this title game is not about who won. Instead, many – and I meen MANY …did you look at Twitter last night? – feel compelled to talk about how “ugly” the game was.

Here’s our message to those who think last night’s game was ugly: Go take a walk. Forever.

Yes, UConn shot 34.5% from the floor. That’s a bad shooting night. Yes, Butler shot an historically low 18.8%. That much is fact and not in dispute.

But you know what? Both teams played great defense. And both teams played really really hard. The whole game. And that’s all you can ask for at non-professional levels of basketball. Get it?

True fans of basketball enjoyed last night’s game. True basketball fans also like the women’s game, which is often accused of being “ugly” on similar grounds.

And guess what? If effort and defense isn’t enough for you, then college basketball might not be your sport. And it’s your loss.

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