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Accused child rapist and former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was interviewed on NBC’s Rock Center Monday Night. NBC’s Bob Costas conducted the interview via telephone. Video excerpts above. Full transcript of the interview can be found here.


The USS Carl Vinson’s flight deck is the foundation upon which hardwood now rests. It’s the Carrier Classic, with North Carolina playing Michigan State today in an early-season college basketball celebration of Veterans Day. Pretty cool, no?


Hey! It’s Kirk Herbstreit in an earthquake. Far out.


Admit it. You love it.


Screw Halloween. This is really terrifying.



What is it about the fumbled snap from center? It has its own brand of whimsy and fail. Like a cat who unexpectedly falls into a body of water, or a small child who just dropped his ice cream cone in the dirt.

Oh, Phillip Rivers.

How you Masterfully and Heroically zing that Elliptical Meat Bag with razor Precision throughout the Great Stadia of our Land and Time.

Oh, how, with heart-rending Bravery, you Rally the Chargers from Certain Defeat.

How you stand afield in a Blizzard of Fan Hatred and 11 Physically Perfect Blood Thirsty Savage Beast Men clamoring for the chance to Destroy you with their bare hands.

How you drop the ball like an infant, and crush the hearts of America’s Finest City.

Oh, Phillip Rivers.


It’s not a Hail Mary play, just to clarify. But it’s still a bile sandwich for the Badgers and their faithful, two weeks in a row. Texas Rangers fans and Wisconsin fans should probably start holding meet-ups for support groups. You will get through this. It will pass.


Throughout his star-crossed career, Tim Tebow’s Christianity has been part of the legend. The man with the mouth and mind of an altar boy has the heroic skill to lead Violent Men-Beasts to Victory on the Football Field. It’s compelling, no matter what your relationship with God may or may not be.

Now that Tebow matriculated to the NFL, his exploits are oh-so-perfectly exhibited on Sundays, which is when our nation collectively worships at the national secular church, the NFL.