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Even when we’re not on the air, we’re broadcasting the words of the people. Here are our top overnight voice mails.


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– Will the Mountain West get squeezed by conference realignment?

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– Gary from Florida is a big fan of Robert

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– Comedies winning Oscars…it’s happened, kind of.


Sadistic people around the world have watched and rewatched the sheer pain and humiliation suffered by Rafael Nadal in front of the world’s sporting media this weekend. Rafa regrettably suffered a super bad cramp while speaking to reporters at the U.S. Open. Video footage of this strange and unscripted moment has – of course – sailed around the Internet.

Not to be outdone, world #1 women’s tennis player Caroline Wozniaki payed playful homage to Nadal’s meme-worthy cramp during her post-match media session. Also, Wozniaki beat Svetlana Kuznetsova in a wildly entertaining, three-set match last night to advance to the quarterfinals. But you care more about the video. We know. Sigh.


In case you were living under a rock, or perhaps sailing to a desert island over the weekend, you may have missed this. Tennis uber-stud Rafael Nadal suffered an apparently extreme lower body cramp while speaking to reporters after winning a match at the U.S. Open.

For those of you who have suffered even the most mild of cramps, it sucks. It really sucks. Have you ever had a hamstring or calf cramp up on you? It truly feels like the end of the world. To suffer one of these before all the microphones and camera lenses of the world is rather poor timing…at least for those of us who treasure fleeting moments of dignity.


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is now doubtful for Indianapolis’ opening game against the Texans. Knowledgeable people – like former Indianapolis head coach Tony Dungy – are now doubting the Colts chances to make the playoffs if Manning’s recovery stretches beyond week one.

And, in case you didn’t notice, the above clip is not taken from a sports media outlet. It’s from the Early Show, on CBS. That’s not a sports show at all. So know this, above all else: Peyton Manning’s neck is now newsworthy in the same space as you’d see a fabric-by-fabric breakdown of the royal wedding wardrobes.


Tampa Bay defensive lineman Gerald McCoy has a simple explanation for last night’s 31-14 beat down at the hands of the New England Patriots. The Pats wouldn’t let the Bucs defense get set! Hey, hey!

From the Boston Herald:

“Man, I’m telling you man, they came out, they’d turn around huddle, snap, oh, ‘There’s the Mike, Go!’ I was like, ‘Dang! Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?’ He didn’t care. He was like, ‘You’re not going to line up.’ When we turned around one time I checked back around and my hand was going to the grass and they were like, ‘Hut!’ And I said, ‘Noooooooooooo!’”


Here’s what you need to know about the NCAA’s ongoing probe into Miami football:


Kobe Bean Bryant stands accused of injuring a man’s wrist in a San Diego church. Kobe allegedly snatched a cellphone away from a man who Kobe thought was taking photographs of Kobe and his family while in church. Kobe returned the phone after discovering there were no photos of Kobe nor his family on the phone.

The man whose phone was snatched says Kobe injured his wrist, and had to go to the hospital to receive treatment.


So often we in the chattering classes take incompetent front offices to task. And rightly so. The nimrod suits who ruin franchises and shatter our civic pride year in and year out should indeed be blasted.

More than a few NBA-brains believe Minnesota Timberwolves David Kahn is unable to find his ass with both hands and a map. He holds the basketball fans of Minnesota hostage, fiddling while the Timberwolves burn. Frank McCourt should be tarred and feathered on Olvera Street in the old Plaza in downtown Los Angeles for his sins.  And so on.

Thus, it is also important that we acknowledge when a team’s front office works in a competent manner, or at least appears to be competent. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the copious cap room of the Kansas City Chiefs.



Oh, it’s a sports story. Gladiatorial combat was the NFL of the ancient world. If you don’t know, now you know.

Modern-day Romans have dressed up like ancient gladiators for decades for tourist cash. Kind of like Darth Vader pacing up and down Hollywood Boulevard.

Apparently, the competition has been fierce between different groups of gladiator impersonators. Assaults and intimidation have become the norm as impersonators struggle for the top spots outside the Roman Colesseum, the Forum, and other famous ancient venues. Police are now going undercover – that is, cops dressed up like gladiators – to crack down on the warring factions.

Drama in the Eternal City, bro. Drama.


If you’ve ever been on the field during batting practice at any level of organized baseball, you know you’ve gotta stay alert. But usually, there’s a system behind the seemingly chaotic flight paths of multiple hardballs in the air. And, usually, it’s a batted ball and not a thrown ball that clocks a guy. But not this time. Keep an eye on the 1st base area, just over Bobby Valentine’s shoulder.

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