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You know how the NBA is cannibalizing itself right now, and how that totally sucks? Especially if you’re not psychotically clamped to the NFL teat?

Good news. Major League Baseball won’t be doing that for at least another five years. Say what you will about Bud, but the lessons learned from the 1994-95 strike have not been forgotten. Credit to both sides. Play ball.


Maybe it’s not just Penn State. Maybe it’s not just the Catholic Church. While we hope there is no rush to judgement of Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, there is no denying the truth: Sex abuse of children is a far larger issue than any of us care to think about. Maybe it’s time for everyone to look more skeptically at institutions that have relatively unfettered access to young people.

Maybe this is just a sad, sad chapter of history in college sports.


Oklahoma State head women’s basketball coach and an assistant coach were killed in a small plane crash in central Arkansas. Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna were among 4 killed after a single engine plane went down last night, according to Oklahoma State. There were no survivors of the crash.

Oklahoma State lost 10 members of the school’s men’s basketball team in a 2001 plane crash.


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Accused child rapist and former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was interviewed on NBC’s Rock Center Monday Night. NBC’s Bob Costas conducted the interview via telephone. Video excerpts above. Full transcript of the interview can be found here.


Thank you to our great friends at for this very illuminating timeline of events surrounding the Penn State Sex Scandal, and the alleged abuse of young boys by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

1969: Jerry Sandusky starts his coaching career at Penn State University as a defensive line coach.

1977: Jerry Sandusky founds The Second Mile. It begins as a group foster home dedicated to helping troubled boys and grows into a charity dedicated to helping children with absent or dysfunctional families.

January 1983: Associated Press voters select Penn State as college football’s national champion for the 1982 season.

January 1987: Associated Press voters select Penn State as college football’s national champion for the 1986 season.

1994: Boy known as Victim 7 in the report meets Sandusky through The Second Mile program at about the age of 10.

1994-95: Boy known as Victim 6 meets Sandusky at a Second Mile picnic at Spring Creek Park when he is 7 or 8 years old.


Joe Paterno says he will step down at the end of the season as head football coach at Penn State. The legendary coach closes his career amid outrage he did not do more to stop a former assistant coach who faces charges of sexually abusing boys over a 15-year period. Paterno is not legally accused of any wrongdoing. Here is the full text of Paterno’s statement, issued earlier today:

“I am absolutely devastated by the developments in this case. I grieve for the children and their families, and I pray for their comfort and relief.

 I have come to work every day for the last 61 years with one clear goal in mind: To serve the best interests of this university and the young men who have been entrusted to my care. I have the same goal today.

That’s why I have decided to announce my retirement effective at the end of this season. At this moment the Board of Trustees should not spend a single minute discussing my status. They have far more important matters to address. I want to make this as easy for them as I possibly can.

This is a tragedy. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.

My goals now are to keep my commitments to my players and staff and finish the season with dignity and determination. And then I will spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to help this University.”
- Joe Paterno


Here is a link to the grand jury report in the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

WARNING: The report describes graphic and disturbing instances of sexual abuse of young boys.




- Head football coach Joe Paterno’s weekly news conference has been abruptly canceled.

- Reports are surfacing that Paterno’s time as football coach could be close to ending. The New York Times is reporting Paterno could be gone within days or weeks.

- A possible 9th sex abuse victim has gone public.

- Accused sex offender former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky reportedly had access to team facilities, including the weight room, as recently as last week.

- Powerful voices in Pennsylvania media are calling for the resignation of Paterno and Penn State University president Graham Spanier.

- Potential candidates to replace Paterno as head football coach are being identified.

- Some are saying whoever follows Paterno will have an impossible job.