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Baseball fans know Orioles manager Buck Showalter is a world-class Red Ass. He’s in the discussion with Tony LaRussa as an all-time great Red Ass.

Buck is back at it, ripping the New York Yankees for taking issue with scheduling adjustments made to the baseball schedule due to Hurricane Irene.

Death, taxes, and Buck being Buck. Nothing changes but the seasons.


Joe Paterno suffered injuries at a Penn State football practice after a collision with a player.

According to a statement released by the school, Paterno was “blindsided” by a receiver running a drill on Sunday. Paterno was able to walk away after being bumped.

The coach reportedly has at least one hairline fracture. Paterno says he expects to be back at practice “soon.”


Hour 1 guests:

- Kentucky head football coach Joker Phillips

- Cinncinati Reds pitcher Sam LeClure

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Tony LaRussa is a legendary manager. He won with the White Sox. He won with the A’s. He’s won with the Cardinals. His career totals are staggering.

However, his legacy will be far greater than just his numbers. Tony LaRussa is the greatest red-ass we’ve ever seen. Observe (gets good at about 0:48):

UPDATE: Oh, there’s more to this. Tony apparently got into it with Milwaukee fans after being heckled. Quite a game!


Hour 1 guests:

- Former NFL head coach Dennis Green

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Dennis Green, former head coach of Randy Moss with the Minnesota Vikings, joined Robert in Hour 1 today. Podcast of his keen insight into the skill and psyche of Moss coming shortly. Dig the Moss “One Clap” song in the intermin.


Jim Leyritz is a World Series hero. He’s currently a pitching coach in the Yankees organization. He’s also the author of Catching Heat.

Jim joined Robert in Hour 2. Podcast after the jump.


The USC Trojans are now the un-champions of the BCS for 2004.

Silver medalist that season? Oklahoma. Bob Stoops – then and now their head coach – doesn’t want to take the now-vacant title.

Boomer Sooner indeed.


Bob Knight is many things to many people. One this he has always been is legal, at least in the eyes of the NCAA. For all of Knights’ public relations folly, he has never been on probation or in any instance been a major violator of NCAA rules. Despite his memorably boorish behavior towards fans, media, chairs, and sometimes his own players, he has remarkable moral authority within the world of college sports.

So when Bob Knight says the rule the Ohio State football players violated is stupid, it’s worth paying attention. 


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