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Adam Potter – this guy – fell off a mountain. The fall constituted a rapid descent of over 1,000 feet, including an initial tumble off a 300-foot cliff. Check the link for Gawker’s very helpful “How-To” guide for people who climb, and fall off of, mountains.

Potter is reportedly making plans to climb Mr. Everest in the coming months.


Singer Elliot Yamin joined the conversation in studio with Robert. Elliot was an American Idol Finalist during the 2006 season. The two broke down the best way to sing the national anthem before a big game. Podcast of the interview after the jump.


Your humble Robert Wuhl Show internet correspondent has lived in Los Angeles – by choice – for 11 years. One of the great truths of the megalopolis is this: a very good measure of your individual standing within the Angeleno community is the quality your Lakers seats.

If you think someone has some pull, find out where they sit at Staples. Clippers games do not count, unless you’ve hosted the Oscars.


New York Jets Linebacker Bart Scott gives an interview for the ages to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after the Jets beat the New England Patriots to reach the 2nd straight AFC Championship game.  By the way, did we mention the Patriots D can’t “stop a nose bleed?”



FanHouse says: The Eagles drafted wide receiver Freddie Mitchell in the first round of the 2001 draft.  Mr. Mitchell will be “featured” on “Millionaire Matchmaker,” a show that apparently doesn’t require you to actually be a millionaire before appearing as one.

The highlight of his on-field career was being on the receiving end of Donovan McNabb’s 4th-and-26 pass during the 2003 playoffs. In general, Mitchell was known less for his pass-catching ability than he was for his wacky fashion sense and the ironic nicknames he created for himself.